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2019 Schedules (subject to change)

  • April 1 - June 1 (extended registration may go to June 22) Rec Registration (players, coaches, and assistant coaches)
  • Team Formation starts June 1
  • April 28, May 5 CIT Try Outs (U8 2012 and below - recreational soccer)
  • May 6, 7, 8 U9 - U14 Comp Try Outs (Not recreational soccer)
  • June 17 - July 31 U6 - U8 Summer Academy
  • July 10 - Head and assistant coach meeting at 6:30 (Lutheran Church)
  • July 18 (or prior) - Head coach to send email communication to team (example in guide)
  • July 24 through August 6 - Hold a Team Meeting (agenda example in guide)
  • Aug 6 - Official assigned field practice can start
  • Aug 6, 7, and 8 - SRFC and GBFC Season Opener Clinic
  • August 20 - Team Parent Meeting
  • Aug 26 - CPL (U15 and up) first game!
  • Aug 26 - PCA for NEW head and assistant coaches (required)
  • Aug 27 - Returning head and assistant coaches (required)
  • Aug 28 or 29 - PCA for parents (2 parents from each team must attend even if done before)
  • Sept 7 - PYSL (U6 - U14) first game
  • Sept - Pictures - (your choice on jersey color)
  • Oct 12 - Bye
  • Nov 16 - Last game!
  • Nov 18 - Golf Tournament Fundraiser

Head Coach Prerequisites

  • Go to to REGISTER as a coach
  • Ensure to Upload photo in your member account
  • Take the emailed LIVESCAN form to one of the authorized locations and get fingerprinted WITHIN 2 DAYS
  • Complete the ABUSE training module on your Stack member home page
  • Head coaches are required take a quick "Introduction to Grassroots" AND appropriate online module from the DCC Soccer (4v4, 7v7, 9v9, 11v11).
  • New Coach? Sign up for PCA for New Coaches (August 26)
  • Already done that? Sign up for PCA for Returning Coaches (August 27)
  • Get at least 2 parents (if 2 parents have gone in the past, get 2 more) to sign up for the PCA for Parents (August 28&29)
  • Assign Team Parent and send them to the Team Parent Meeting
  • Assign Sponsor
  • Use Team Connect (TC) Web Site and App to get your roster!
  • Email your team immediately through TC or email or your favorite app ASAP that you are their coach!
  • Concerns about your roster? Ask the Rec Coaching Director or Registrar
  • Hold team meeting prior or in conjunction with practice (example agendas in Rec Coach Guide

Assistant Coach Prerequisites


  • 2019 Welcome Rec Coach PPT
  • 4v4 Example Format Video
  • Home Games - wear WHITE (away wear green), supply 3 balls, print out and bring game card!
  • Cal North Concussion form is used if a player shows signs of a possible concussion, whether at practice or during at game. The parents signature must then be obtained and the completed form must be turned into Cal North. Once the player receives clearance from his or her treating physician, the second form must be completed by that treating physician and it must be turned into Cal North's Dr. Pete Zopfi. Once approved by Cal North, the player may then return to practice and/or games.
  • In-Person module courses at multiple locations are available through the DCC Soccer (4v4, 7v7, 9v9, 11v11).
  • District 6 Recreational Guidelines
  • NEW Laws of the Game Changes
  • Cal North Player Development
  • Rec Coach Guide
  • U6 - U8 keep no score nor need rankings though fine to insert (unclear if PYSL scheduling takes it into account)
  • Practice Schedules can be found on our Granite Bay FC site under coaches / fields
  • Questions on pratice schedules? Send to:
  • Submit receipts for module training and be reimbursed by Dec
  • Coaches choice for jersey color for pictures.
  • U6 - U8 Coach on Field Etiquette:
  • Week 1, we "expect" coaches to be on the field to help players learn their roles and position players
  • Week 2, coaches need to limit walking on the field coaching (other than at the end of quarter to place kids), and;
  • By week 3 there should be no need for coaches to coach on the field (except for attending to players who are hurt/tired/etc and positioning them to start a quarter).

Coaching Education

NEW DCC Modules and Philosophy of "PLAY, PRACTICE, PLAY!!"

NEW Sacramento Republic 4v4 Small Sided Coaching Recommedation

Sac Republic Plans

Other example plans

Thank You For Volunteering!

You are important and thank you for volunteering! Whether you are a senior coach with a ton of experience or this may be you first time ever coaching we hope you find these examples plans helpful. Keep your plans simple and you are on your way to a successful season. Innovate the plans below as each team is unique. Look ahead a few weeks or go back to find the right plan. Thanks for volunteering! We are happy to take feedback on your favorite drills to add to our collection and help your fellow coaches!

Tip: It is more important to get the players moving rather than explain the drill - they will catch on. Fine tune the players during the drill when you see the opportunity. Repeat the drills and the players will soon need no explanation of the drill and you can focus on their technique.